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Hooplah hosts Google event!

Because Planet Storage is a community that combines self storage with studio business offices, its a place that can sometimes be a beehive of activity. Not only are people here 24/7, but we have had the opportunity to be a part of some pretty special events held here on our premises. We’ve hosted concerts, art shows, open houses and various other parties here and all events have gone off with smashing success.

A few weeks ago, Planet Storage was the sight of an online Google event called “Engage for Agencies” hosted by Hooplah Inc.

Hooplah are a hugely successful online advertising and marketing company and apparently they know a little bit about this fad thingy called the world wide interweb. Their event was catered and attended by a large number of their clients and it was a “smashing success.” They were incredible hosts.

Hooplah Inc., is just one of the many companies that call our building home. And now that we have developed even MORE studio space, we expect the already high demand to be part of this building to climb even higher.

If you are interested in bringing your business here and becoming part of the Planet Storage community please call us and we will arrange to show you around. You can reach our office at 416.766.1655. We would love to have you call our community your business home 🙂