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Quick Tips: How to Avoid Creepy Crawlies in Your Storage Units

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Hello all,

I’m not a fan of spiders and other types of creepy crawlies and I certainly don’t want them in my storage unit crawling through my stuff. Not only are they gross but they can also cause a lot of damage to items that you have stored. So we thought we’d arm you with some precautions against summertime rodent and insect infestations in your self storage unit.

By following these simple tips outlined in a recent blog post on, you can be sure that your items are pest-free this summer.

Mice can cause havoc in storage units by chewing through boxes, furniture and antiques. In order to minimize rodent damage this summer try keeping your unit well-swept and clean and try putting a mouse trap in there too. Do not store food in your storage unit and make sure that there are no crumbs to be found. Also, keeping things in rubbermade or other name brand plastic bins will keep everything protected.

Insects can be just as destructive as rodents. Not only are they destructive but they can easily hide in your storage items and make their way back to your home. Ewwww. In order to keep insects, spiders, ants and such little creatures out of your storage unit consider the following preventative measures:

Spray for insects and spiders routinely, during the summer this may even be monthly. Make sure to concentrate spray around doorframes. Again, try to put your things in name brand plastic or rubber bins with lids on them. And if you choose to have an outside drive up unit, try to choose one that is far away from any kind of landscaping or shrubbery. These serve as the perfect breeding ground for creepy crawlies.

By taking the necessary measures you can be certain that the only things in your storage unit are the items that you’re storing and not little creepy crawlies that can damage your stuff.


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