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Working at Home and Self Storage Options

Flexibility, the power of being self sufficient and being your own boss are among the many reasons why more people than ever are now opting to work from home. Journalists, designers, software engineers and even lawyers and insurance agents will readily tell you how great the commute is from their bedroom to their home office 60 steps away while they sip their coffee in their slippers. When a brilliant idea strikes, they can start working on it right away no matter what time of day and there is no worry about an office lease.

However, along with all these great benefits, there are a few down sides too. One might not be at their productive best in a relaxed home environment. Or they might not be able to find the ideal space in the house to convert it into an office. And if you have a significant other and/or children, sometimes your home schedules might hamper your productivity. But probably the biggest challenge is trying to keep your home office clutter free.

Working in a chaotic place is neither fun nor comfortable. Clutter can be a hindrance in productivity. And if you don’t designate a place for everything, your home office can quickly become an awful mess.

If you are a retailer, a supplier or have inventory that cannot always be stored at home, a place like Planet Storage is ideal for you. Renting a  storage unit can prove to be very useful if it’s near to your place and is convenient. Planet Storage is loaded with security features that you probably don’t have at your house, and can act as a great document archive, and your warehouse. Planet Storage is run by professionals and your important inventory and/or personal belongings would be safe here, creating much needed space for you to work efficiently.

So come check us out and let us help solve your home office clutter.