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Three Simple Ways We Simplify Storage For Our Customers

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Searching for the right self storage place to store your things can feel overwhelming as you encounter the massive number of options available. And there are so many places to review and evaluate companies online that it make you feel like a “deer in headlights.”

Wouldn’t it be great if you could just find a definitive, trusted source that can help you make a savvy choice without going through all the rigmarole?

When it comes to self storage, Planet Storage is that place. We are a trusted adviser to our customers and we make it easy for them to make choices based on clear, concise, consistent information. We don’t load our customers up with endless qualifiers and legal doublespeak.  We keep things simple and make them complete at the same time.

Here’s how we do it:

1. Contracts and Legal Agreements
All the legal stuff that needs to be there, is there, but its not crafted in “legal-eeze.” It is written in a plain-speaking document that summarizes the agreement. We still recommend that people read everything, including the fine print, but for those who opt not to, we’ve provided an easy way to do business with us by having a straightforward summary.

2. Operations
We outline the high points about issues that typically concern tenants and prospects: security, environmental protection, access, payment processes etc. Our documents are easy to digest and explain what we do and what the tenant can (and can’t) do.

3. Technology
Our facility is 24/7 access to our customers and requires a coded swipe card to gain access to the premises. To gain access to the building, you must swipe that card again, which then also deactivates the alarm on your personal storage unit. Our hallways are brightly lit and the facility is kept very clean and there are multiple security camera’s strategically placed at every access point as well as multiple points within the building.

We’ve made it easy to find us both in the real world and on online – whether surfing on a smartphone, calling for more information or just wanting to complete a transaction right away, we want you to be satisfied with our level of effort to help make the process of storing your things as easy as possible.

Come discover why online reviews consistently ranked us among the top 3 storage facilities in Toronto!

See you soon 🙂


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