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Rare Baseball Card Found in Storage Unit


Back in 2009, a 72 year old antique dealer named Bernice Gallego found an extremely rare baseball card in a storage unit in Fresno, California.

How rare you ask? How about 1869 rare!

The card itself depicts the 10 person team that called themselves the Cincinnati Red Stockings back in 1869. The card has the players on the front and an advertisement on the back and could be one of the first baseball cards ever made.

Bernice tried to sell it on eBay but was quickly convinced to take it down because the card is worth somewhere close to $20,000. She admits that she had no idea what she had in her possession.

This is a dream find for anyone who frequents auctions at storage facilities. While it is true that you can sometimes find some great items in units that have gone up for auction, it is rare that you find an item of such value.

Being an antique dealer I’m sure Bernice has come across her fair share of valuable items over the years, and I’m sure this won’t be the last. But I am always amazed at what people keep in their storage units. And almost stunned at what people let go to auction…


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Ten Places You’re Not Allowed To Visit…

While visiting the vortex known as YouTube, I came across this video which I thought was interesting…and fun…

Noticeably missing from this list is Planet Storage. Thank goodness! That’s because you CAN visit us virtually anytime you want.

Of course, we always enjoy seeing you, our wonderful customers, office tenants and passersby. If you are looking for a smiling face, and helpful staff, we are here to serve you.

Come on in and check out our facility. We have storage units as small as 5×3 (15 sq. ft) all the way up to 10×30 (300 sq. ft.) and beyond.

We look forward to seeing you soon šŸ™‚

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Toronto Argonauts vs. Hamilton Tigercats


This Sunday afternoon, November 17, at 1pm, the defending CFL champs, the Toronto Argonauts will take on the Hamilton Tigercats in the CFL Eastern ConferenceĀ Final at the Rogers Center.

This will be an epic battle of two old and bitter enemies clashing for the right to go to the 101st Grey Cup on November 24th in Regina, Saskatchewan.

If you like bone crunching tackles, high light reel catches and the sound of bodies smashing into each other at the line of scrimmage, then come cheer on your Toronto Argos and support their quest as they look to get back to the finals for a second straight year.


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The familiar “portmanteau” word from November and Moustache, ushers in, yet another Mustache growing contest all in the name of prostate cancer. This annual fundraiser is aimed at increasing awareness, early detection, diagnosis and effective treatment of this awful disease. And ultimately, to reduce the number of preventable deaths.

The Movember campaign was officially launched in Australia and New Zealand back in 2004 and expanded to Ireland, Canada, the U.S., Denmark, Spain, the U.K., El Salvador and Taiwan…And did you know that since becoming a part of the Movember campaign in 2007, Canada has been the largest contributor of any nation?! Pretty impressive.

So let’s go men! Grow your “stache” and get your friends to contribute to the Movember campaign. You can find it here:Ā

Let’s all kill prostate cancer together!