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Magazine Collectibles

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A large portion of our society like to collect magazines. We know, because we’ve seen it. And over the years we have seen a trend in which magazines are the most popular to collect. So we decided to make a list…

Here, is a list of what we believe are the top 5 magazines that people collect in self storage…(in no particular order).

1. Readers Digest – Largest paid “monthly” circulation magazine in the world.

2. National Geographic – Also, one of the highest paid monthly subscriptions in the world.

3. Life – This magazine only exists in old dusty piles in self storage units and basements. The magazine was discontinued in 1972.

4. Time – Largest paid “weekly” circulation magazine in the world, covering politicians, celebrities, the entertainment industry and pop culture.

5. Sports Illustrated – Liberal use of colour photos, in-depth sports reporting, scouting reports and of course the coveted swimsuit issue, make this sports magazine “the” sports magazine!

The reality is, we have very little proof, if any, that these magazines are the most collected magazines. We are simply basing it on the number of times we have passed by an open unit, or have been talking to a tenant here at Planet Storage and have seen a collection of magazines stacked in a box in a corner. 9 times out of 10 its one of these five magazines.

How about you? Do you have any collectible magazines in your storage unit? Do any of these ring a bell? Maybe you have some others that aren’t on this list…let us know.

And then if you’re not already here, come store them safely here at Planet 🙂


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