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Ten Odd Self Storage Requests…

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Nothing can prepare you for the human condition. We humans are full of surprises and weirdness that can astonish and amaze even the strangest of people. The self storage industry is fraught with these weirdnesses (yes, I just made that word up). While most of the people that walk through our doors are perfectly normal and grounded, we could also write a book on the number of strange requests that we get.

I pulled this info off the web but believe it or not, we’ve had some of these requests. Here are ten strange storage requests…in no particular order.

1. Can we store 5 pallets of magnets? (I’m sure every unit within a 20 foot radius had their metal objects stuck to the wall)

2. Do you have a storage unit big enough for a window washing vehicle with a crane?

3. Hi, can I have a unit for myself…to sleep in?

4. We need something to put our Christmas presents in. Do you have something for that? (this isn’t actually all that weird…especially if you have snoopy kids)

5. I need a unit to grow some flowers so I’ll be needing a unit with power…

6. I need to store my luggage, I’m at a sleep deprivation clinic down the road and they don’t have room…(huh?)

7. I need a place to smoke. You can’t smoke anywhere in the godforsaken town anymore! (He literally only had a hookah, and lighter and a pillow)

8. We need a unit for our pitbull…(Two things. Number one, illegal and cruel. Number two. NO!)

9. Do you have anything big enough for a bow and arrow shooting range? (He literally wanted to put a tree at one end of the unit and shoot arrows at it)

10. We need a large unit to dump our snow…(a snow removal company needed a place to put their snow and wanted to rent a unit so they could put it their to melt)

Ah yes…the wonderful world of self storage. If you have some strange self storage requests, please let us know. We would love to post more of these. Drop us a line 🙂



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