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If you’re like me, you get tired of winter right about now. The Winter Holiday Season has come and gone and there are no significant celebrations or holidays within the foreseeable future. Valentines Day is something to look forward to in February if you have a sweetheart, but really, its not a holiday, and let’s be honest, do we need snow and ice for that? No. We do not.

But rather than be depressed about the next two months of bitter cold and snow, I’ve decided to focus on the positive. Winter can actually be pretty darn beautiful. Especially if you live in this Castle.


This is Neuschwanstein Castle in Germany. It looks amazing anytime of year but in winter its especially beautiful. Its approximately 65000 sq. ft. and has about 200 rooms and it’s situated on a hill that overlooks a nearby village. Imagine seeing this everyday as you look up the hill from your town? It would certainly take the bite out of winter a tiny bit. Absolutely beautiful!

Now, I wonder if we can convince my boss to build a storage facility that looks like this…hmmm…


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