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Superbowl XLVIII

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This morning I saw I guy pull up in a pickup truck and back up to his unit. He had just come from a local meat place and had a bunch of cases of frozen hamburgers and sausage. He loaded onto his truck an older fridge from maybe the 60’s or 70’s (which he told me is in perfect working condition – but sucks a lot of electricity) and a kagillion cases of beer.

I have seen and spoken to this guy many times. Super nice guy. Always waves hello when he drives in and then goodbye when he drives away. Always pays his bill on time. Tidy, polite and personable. Model tenant.

I know exactly what he was doing today.

Every year, he hosts a Superbowl party weekend at his cottage near Minden, ON. He and a select group of friends and their significant others head up to the cottage, plug in the old fridge out side on the deck, load it up with beer and enjoy. They play hockey on the lake, do a little snowmobiling, play football in the snow and when Superbowl Sunday hits, the select group of 20 or so people, fire up the bbq, plonk in front of the big screen and watch the game.

Sounds like an epic weekend.

Enjoy the Superbowl guys! And thanks for storing with Planet Storage 🙂


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