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Moving Ranks as Top Reason for Self Storage Rentals

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According to a survey of thousands of self storage customers, conducted by, between October 2013 and February 2014, moving was the biggest reason for renting self-storage.

55 percent of storage renters indicated they were using storage units temporarily while relocating from one place to another. In the survey, customers were allowed to choose more than one reason for renting a storage unit but moving held the top spot.

The reason is simple. Self-storage offers a temporary yet flexible solution that can be very helpful for homeowners. One of the number one rules a Realtor will tell you about showing your home is that ‘less is more.’ In other words, a bit less furniture equals more appeal to the prospective buyer.

Someone making a long-distance move might also find self-storage beneficial if moving over time, or if a homeowner is building a new home, renting out a unit could be a good option to temporarily store belongings,”

Other reasons that customers cited for renting self-storage units include:

  • Storing items that you don’t have room for at home—50 percent.
  • Storing a relative’s items because of changes in the relative’s living situation—8 percent.
  • Storing items temporarily while away from home—6 percent.
  • Storing items that require a climate-controlled environment—6 percent.
  • Storing a college student’s belongings—4 percent.
  • Storing items that you no longer need or want—3 percent.
  • Storing items you inherited after someone died—3 percent.
  • Storing items temporarily while remodeling your home—3 percent.



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