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Three Ways to Keep Your Self Storage Organized

Storage Unit

Seen something like this before? I have.

Organizing your storage unit can be tricky. In an effort to declutter your home, you might have gotten a storage unit. You certainly don’t want your storage unit to become the new mess. So we found a few tips to help you organize. This way, when you go rummaging around in your unit, technically, it should be easier to find what you’re looking for.

Take a Picture

Taking a picture of your stuff before you put it away in storage can help you remember what you actually put in your storage. Sometimes we just grab a whole bunch of stuff without thinking when we are decluttering our homes and we don’t stop to think whether or not we might need it within the next little while. So having a picture can make it easier to do a little investigative work when you go looking for that “thing” you need.

Label Everything! 

I mean it. Every box. And every box inside that box. Use tape and a black sharpie. I like the painters tape. The green stuff and the blue stuff. You can see the marker really well on it . And then make sure the labels are facing toward you so when you open your unit, you can see all of the labels easily.

Draw a map


I know what you’re thinking. But I’m not really talking about a detailed treasure map. Just a basic floor plan. If you group all your boxes and items according to its contents, you’re basic floor plan will help you find the stuff you need that much quicker.

We hope these tips have been helpful. If you have a tip to add or feel that we missed a good tip, please let us know 🙂



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Storing Winter Sports Equipment


Make no mistake about it. This winter has been brutal! Every single person I have spoken to about this winter has complained about it. Even those that enjoy it.

But in a land where snow and ice are prevalent from December to the end of March, it goes without saying that doing some sort of winter sport is a fun way of making a slow winter go faster.

Now, with the advent of the warmer weather of springtime just around the corner, we are faced with having to find a place to store all that equipment.

How Should You Prep Your Winter Sports Equipment For Storage?

Your winter sports equipment probably took a beating over the last few months. So before you put things away for the season, take some time to clean and do repairs. Dirt and debris can cause staining and damage if not removed promptly. It can also leave odors that are hard to get rid of. If you have a broken strap on a ski, or a missing lace on your skates, now is the best time to replace or repair it. If any equipment is damaged beyond repair, it is time to part with it. But don’t forget to replace it. If you remember to do this, when winter rolls around again this year you’ll be ready to go.

What’s A Good Place To Store My Winter Sports Gear?

If you have a single pair of skis, you can probably put them into the corner of the garage or the basement. But like most winter sports enthusiasts, you probably have a lot more than that.

Ski boots, poles, jackets, hats, mitts, hockey equipment, curling brooms, snowboards, snowshoes. You might even have a snowmobile you need to store for the summer.

This is where a self storage unit is a great option for storing any off-season sports equipment. Instead of being stacked up in the garage or crammed in the back of a closet, your equipment will be protected and ready for next winter when you need it. Best of all, it won’t be in your way.

Come on over to Planet Storage and we’ll help you find a suitably sized unit for all your winter stuff.

See you soon 🙂


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Storage Following The Death Of A Loved One


One of the hardest things we have to deal with as human beings, is the death of someone we hold dear. Its hard.

Really hard.

And to add to the difficulty of dealing with their forever absence, we need to deal with their estate, their personal possessions and the contents of their home.

Many of their things will be “willed” to family members and close friends. And some of the remaining stuff will be claimed uncontested by other family and friends.

But there will undoubtedly be some items that you may not know what to do with right away, and parting company with these things can be an emotional experience that you may not want to deal with right now.

Planet Storage has seen its share of estates in storage and we are sensitive to your situation. We want to help you through this time of bereavement so that you don’t have to rush your decisions on what to do with heirlooms that may have sentimental value. The beauty is that you’re not locked into a long term contract and you can store the estate items for as little or long as you need.

They will be stored in a safe, dry, climate controlled environment, that will be accessible 24/7 and you’ll be the only person with a key. Its a nice luxury to have as you sort out your thoughts on what to do next.

If you have any questions or concerns about storing family estate possessions with us, please call us at 416-766-1655 or come into the office and speak with us in person. We will be pleased to help you.


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Three Reason’s To Be Thankful For Your Storage Unit


If you have a self storage unit, chances are you have probably thought to your self…”what would I do without it?” I know if I didn’t have mine, I’m not sure where the heck I would put all of the stuff I have accumulated and have not found a reason to either use or get rid of yet. One thing is for sure. We all get our storage units for more than one reason. That’s why we decided to post three reason’s for being thankful you have a self storage unit.

Number 1 – It clears up room in your home. When you have a storage unit, you can free up room in your own home by storing items in there instead of within your home. This helps keep your home clutter free and organized. the same is true if you use self storage for your business. Keeping a clean and clutter free office space just flat our looks more professional.

Number 2 – It allows you to keep items you may not need now. If you have items, especially bigger items like extra home or office furniture, that you do not need at this moment but may need later on, your storage unit gives you a place to keep it instead of having to get rid of it. Sometimes storing these extra items for a while, helps with the dilemma of whether to get rid of what you have right now, or wait until you buy something new when you do need it.

Number 3 – It gives you a space to store seasonal items. When seasonal items are kept in your storage unit instead of a basement or garage, you have more room in these places. This lets you use the space for what it was originally designed for. Like putting your car actually IN the garage. Or using your basement for a recreation area, home office or  home gym etc.

Truth is, we could probably list about 20 reasons here. Everyone has their own reasons. One thing is for certain. If we didn’t have our self storage units, our homes and/or offices would probably be a disaster. Thank goodness for Planet Storage!