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Three Reason’s To Be Thankful For Your Storage Unit

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If you have a self storage unit, chances are you have probably thought to your self…”what would I do without it?” I know if I didn’t have mine, I’m not sure where the heck I would put all of the stuff I have accumulated and have not found a reason to either use or get rid of yet. One thing is for sure. We all get our storage units for more than one reason. That’s why we decided to post three reason’s for being thankful you have a self storage unit.

Number 1 – It clears up room in your home. When you have a storage unit, you can free up room in your own home by storing items in there instead of within your home. This helps keep your home clutter free and organized. the same is true if you use self storage for your business. Keeping a clean and clutter free office space just flat our looks more professional.

Number 2 – It allows you to keep items you may not need now. If you have items, especially bigger items like extra home or office furniture, that you do not need at this moment but may need later on, your storage unit gives you a place to keep it instead of having to get rid of it. Sometimes storing these extra items for a while, helps with the dilemma of whether to get rid of what you have right now, or wait until you buy something new when you do need it.

Number 3 – It gives you a space to store seasonal items. When seasonal items are kept in your storage unit instead of a basement or garage, you have more room in these places. This lets you use the space for what it was originally designed for. Like putting your car actually IN the garage. Or using your basement for a recreation area, home office or  home gym etc.

Truth is, we could probably list about 20 reasons here. Everyone has their own reasons. One thing is for certain. If we didn’t have our self storage units, our homes and/or offices would probably be a disaster. Thank goodness for Planet Storage!


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