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Storing Your Vinyl Collection Safely

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vinyl records

A few friends of mine have a vinyl record collection. Some of their records they have had these since they were in their teens. Some they have bought recently. I remember a time when vinyl almost died completely. But today, its widely recognized as the music aficionado’s preferred listening experience. Vinyl albums are fantastic except for one thing. If you have an extensive collection, they take up an awful lot of room. Especially if you live in a small house or apartment. So is it any wonder that one of the more common items that we come across in self storage units is vinyl?

Here are some tips that we have learned from experts on storing vinyl records in self storage properly:

1. Keep it in a sleeve!

Even if you do not have the original sleeve it came in, you can probably grab some from your local record shop. If that fails, you can always do a Google search. Either way, you should be able to find some relatively cheap and affordable sleeve’s to keep your vinyl in. Otherwise the scratches will only add up with every surface the record touches.

2. Always store upright

Vinyl should never be stacked flat. It doesn’t take much for the vinyl to start warping downward, and then you’ll just have a big stack of unplayable Frisbee’s.  Whenever you store vinyl, you want to stack them upright like books on a book shelf. Old milk cartons, are an age old trick of the trade for easy transport, as well as keeping the vinyl in the upright position to secure it safely for years.

3. Climate Control

Heat and moisture are your enemies. Both will ruin your collection. Anytime you store vinyl where the temperature is hot and/or humid, you are risking warping the album and losing the record forever. A climate controlled self storage unit is the key!

So there you have it. A few quick tips to help you store your vinyl collection in self storage. If you have anymore tips or suggestions, please let us know.




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