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What Type of Storer Are You?

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Researchers recently revealed that there is a sort of life cycle of self storage and how we use it at every stage of our lives. So what kind of storer are you?

1. The Study storer?

student storage

Many of us remember our University days and living out of town for 8 months of the year in residence or off campus in a shared house. Some people schlepped all their stuff back and forth twice a year. I cannot imagine doing that. Many of us found a place to store our stuff for a few months during the summer at a self storage facility.

2. The Mover and Storer?


Once we finished school, we then proceeded to live in a few different places before getting the idea that perhaps we should decide to put down roots in one spot and stay a while. What did we do as we bounced around from place to place that varied in size? We put our things in self storage. Occasionally pulling things out and putting things in as the size of our apartments grew or got smaller.

3.  First Runger?

first runger

Eventually, our jobs become careers, and we start to think of marriage and and children and a home. By this point we have accumulated a fairly substantial amount of furniture and an almost mind bobbling amount of other “stuff” like CD’s and DVD’s, a large amount of sentimental items, suitcases, bags, shoes, clothes, bikes, sports gear, kitchen gadgets  etc. What do we do with stuff when we run out of room? We re-assess and decide what we need to keep in our house and what to store.

4. Big mover?


Families get bigger. Careers get bigger. Opportunities get bigger. Houses get bigger. We decide to move  a bigger home, or move across town, or province, or country. We need to de-clutter, we need to make room for the growing family, the kids’ friends, and sleepovers, and dinner parties.

5. Streamliner?

Senior man giving woman piggyback ride

With all of the stuff that we accumulate over the years, we eventually look around and say to ourselves. Holy moly we have a lot of stuff we don’t use. We snap to our senses and decide to sort what we need and what we can get rid of. We give some stuff to charity and some goes to the dump. The rest, that we haven’t quite figured out what to do with yet, goes into storage.

6. Big Clearout?


This stage I am all too familiar with because every time I visit my parents, they are trying to give me something. They have completed the life cycle of storage. They have decided what they want to keep and are getting rid of everything else. They have re-organized their life, and they will soon move from the large family home into a smaller place that suits just the two of them.

So there you have it. The life cycle of storage. Where are you in this cycle? Leave us a comment and let us know.

See you soon 🙂



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