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Happy Canada Day!


Sometimes, I think we forget about how amazing this country is. We live in the second largest country in the world. A country that has majestic mountains and oceans. Virtually unlimited natural resources. Vast expanses of forest. Gorgeous, federally and provincially maintained parks. Weather that can be sometimes be almost unbearably cold in the winter and equally unbearably hot in the summer. A country that has so many fresh water rivers and lakes that they are almost uncountable.

This country is beautiful. Its filled with beautiful people, that have worked hard to make it the way it is. And we are lucky enough to call it home. We can literally travel just about anywhere in the world and people love us. We are home to some of the funniest comedians in the world, some of the best bands in the world, and some of the best food in the world. Our air is clean. Our cities are clean. Our medical care is available to everyone who lives here and we have Ketchup flavored chips!

I love Canada. I’m glad I was born here. And I’m proud to call it mine.

This Canada Day, all of us here at Planet Storage hope you celebrate this awesome country and have a fantastic long weekend (even though technically Canada Day is on Tuesday)!

See you soon 🙂




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Storage Unit Tip: Use Pallets


When it comes to storing your items, renting a climate-controlled unit isn’t always enough to protect your precious items from the elements. Weather can still wreck your things if you aren’t careful.

A popular option to improve the safety of your items is to elevate everything with the use of pallets. Pallets are easy to find. There are always some old ones laying around somewhere. And if you can’t find any for free, you can purchase new ones. Usually at your local home improvement store.

Elevation is Key

I know no one wants to talk about disaster, but in the unlikely and horrible case of a flash flood due to a heavy rainstorm or something of that nature, pallets are valuable because they keep your belongings off the ground.

Avoid Mold and Mildew

Not only can pallets protect your boxes and furniture from water damage, but a box stored on top of a pallet is also less likely to produce mold and/or mildew. This is because the box will have better air circulation and won’t be subjected to damp concrete, which can be tough on cardboard boxes.

The Right Type of Pallet

There are two common types of pallets that you will find: the block pallet and the stringer pallet.

The box pallet has a solid top, which can hold heavier loads than a stringer pallet, which features parallel slats across the frame. The stringer pallet is ideal for smaller boxes holding clothing and other valuables because it protects against dampness.

The Best Insurance You Can Buy

In addition to purchasing the insurance that is offered at your storage facility, its worth it to invest in another layer of insurance to protect your items by getting pallets. There will always be rainstorms, mold, mildew, and dust that can affect the items in your storage unit. The best thing about a pallet in your storage unit is that it can help protect your items against these dangers!

Pallets are a reliable and inexpensive way of keeping your things safe. And we all want to keep our things safe 🙂