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How To Store A Television

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Someone came in today and asked about storing electronics…specifically storing their TV, and whether we had any tips to store it safely. I said “sure, here’s what you want to do…”

Climate-Controlled Unit

In order to properly store your television, you’ll need to rent a climate-controlled unit. Heat and humidity, as well as extreme cold, can wreak havoc on your TV’s electrical components and break your screen. The key is, when you store your TV, you want it to still be working and in one piece when you finally take it out.

Pack It Up

Like anything else, keeping your Plasma (or LED or LCD) protected comes from packing it properly. If you have the original packaging for your TV, simply place your TV in its box and add Styrofoam or packing peanuts as necessary.

If you didn’t keep your box, don’t worry. Find a fleece blanket, quilt, or comforter, and you can wrap the TV in the blanket and secure the padding with rope or packing tape. After you have secured the padding, place your TV in a slim, cardboard box that will stop your TV from moving. If you’re set on getting an old TV box, you can always go to an electronics store and ask, too.

Keep It Elevated and Upright

Another storage tip when it comes to storing your TV is to keep it elevated and standing up. Put your packaged TV on another sturdy piece of furniture in your unit (like a table or desk) to keep it from falling or getting kicked.

Invest in a Quality Lock

Self-storage is convenient and many places have individually alarmed units so they are very safe. But if you’re a nervous nelly about your valuable possessions being tampered with or stolen, investing in a quality lock is a sound investment.

So there you have it. If you follow these simple strategies to protect your TV in storage, it will be in perfect working order when you pull it out a few months later.

Until next time 🙂



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