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Storage for Santa

Here is a fantastic infographic that I found on that I thought I would share because its fun. The original post can be found here:

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Things You Should Not Keep in Your Storage Unit

Your indoor self-storage unit is a great place to keep unused furniture, seasonal equipment or holiday decorations. But there are a number of items you should never leave in storage, and here is a brief list of those things to guide you:

Electronic Devices

consumer electronics

Computers, flat-screen televisions and stereo equipment are all susceptible to changes in temperature. If absolutely need to store electronic equipment of any kind, opt for a temperature-controlled unit which will manage fluctuations in temperature. Extreme heat or cold has the potential to damage your equipment permanently.

Medical Equipment


Some medical supplies or pharmaceuticals can be stored in your self-storage unit, but anything that contains radioactive materials cannot be legally kept in storage. X-ray machines are one example of these machines that should be in a controlled and regularly monitored space.

Perishable Items


Never store perishable food items or plants in your storage unit. Foods can spoil and attract pests like rodents or insects, which can damage the other things in your unit. Perishable items can also cause odors that might seep into your fabrics.

Toxic or Flammable Materials


Items that can be dangerous like kerosene, lamp or motor oil, compressed gas, propane tanks or gasoline should not be kept in self-storage. Other hazardous materials include paint, fertilizer, acid, grease or corrosives. You should also never store fireworks, explosives or ammunition because they can put staff at risk if they combust.

So there you have it. Some tips on what you can’t store in your self storage unit. If you currently have some or all of these types of items in your unit, the smart play would be to get them out as soon as possible 🙂