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Five Factors Affecting Self Storage Prices

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Self-storage is a fantastic way to store anything that you don’t want to clutter up your home or garage. The units are available in many sizes and most are completely secure. The storage unit prices in the Greater Toronto Area will depend on several things, including the size, whether or not it is climate controlled, accessibility, and its location.


The first thing to consider is that storage units come in a variety of sizes. Some are as small as closets; others are spacious enough to accommodate two cars and a few articles of furniture comfortably. In most cases, the larger the unit is, the more you can expect to pay to store your things. You can contact your self-storage provider in Dallas to determine the sizes that are available and obtain pricing for them. Some of the common sizes include:

  • 5ftx5ft – These are the size of a large closet or half bathroom and are designed for storing boxes or other small items.
  • 5ftx10ft – These units can be compared to a traditional walk-in closet. They can fit about a room’s worth of furniture, including a couch, chair, dresser, etc.
  • 10×15 – This size can comfortably fit the furnishings of a two-bedroom house or apartment. The size can be compared to that of a large bedroom.
  • 10×20 – This unit is the size of a single-car garage and is perfect for storing the items from three- to four-bedroom homes.

Climate Control

The GTA can get very hot in the summer and very cold in the winter. There are some items that may not stand up to exposure to these extremes, and this is when you will want to consider a climate controlled unit. If you are going to store treasures like guitars and pianos, this is vital to prevent warping and other damage. What’s more, if you’ll be frequently adding to or removing from your unit, it won’t be sweltering or freezing inside.


Another factor to think about when it comes to pricing self-storage units in the GTA is their overall accessibility. There are several different factors that go into this, too. They include:

  • Multi-level facilities. If there is more than one floor, you can expect that access to first-floor storage will come at a premium price.
  • Indoor Access. Some self-storage units are located in huge warehouse-like buildings that boast a common area, allowing you inside entry. In some cases, the owners may charge a premium for this, too. However, it is important to consider that it may take more effort to load and unload your items to and from a vehicle.
  • Outdoor Access. There are units that have outdoor access, or sometimes referred to as drive-up access. These types of storage units can a bit cheaper compared to an indoor unit as they are typically not climate-controlled.


Security is a big deal when it comes to storage facilities, especially in a big city like Toronto. You should ask the manager these five questions about the security of the facility. Find out whether there is camera surveillance, if a security guard is on patrol, how sound the locking mechanisms are, and whether or not you will be immediately notified if a break-in is attempted. Again, expect to pay more for better security measures.


Something else to consider is the location of the self-storage unit. It is likely that those located in the heart of the city will be more expensive than those in the suburbs or even out in the rural areas. Since they are convenient, they will often cost more. The best way to get a great deal is to check several different facilities to discover which one fits your needs as well as your budget.

For more information feel free to visit the Planet Storage webpage for information or call 416-766-1655 to speak with a storage consultant.

See you soon 🙂



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Where Can I Store My Collectors Items and Collections?


Finding something you love to collect is an enjoyable experience. Usually people find something that they are interested in and fall in love with it in its many forms. That love can turn into a beautiful collection to use, display and share with others. Whether you collect coins, records, stamps or china, you have probably wondered about the best way to keep your collection safe.

Why Do I Need Storage For My Collector’s Items?

Collections by nature, begin to grow and can quickly take over. Unless you live in a really large house with unlimited space, storage of your collection is often hard to come by. If you have an extensive collection that is taking up a lot of space in your home, it can end up over-flowing into living areas leaving less room to move around and make getting around uncomfortable.

So here’s a great solution. Self Storage

By placing your collection into self-storage, it will be safe and accessible without taking up your living space in your home. For an added layer of protection, look into climate controlled storage, which will help prevent damage from humidity and temperature swings.

What Kinds Of Collections Can You Store In Self Storage?

The list of collections that you can put into self-storage is almost unlimited. Here are just a few:

  • Comic books – Storing comics in a climate-controlled space is imperative to prevent moisture damage to your beloved comic book collection.
  • Coins – While individual coins don’t take up a lot of space, a decent collection will take up plenty. Be sure to have a solid lock in place to keep them safe.
  • Records – Vinyl records are susceptible to heat. You need to protect them from extreme temperatures in a climate controlled unit.
  • Quilts – Fabrics offer an ideal breeding ground for mold and mildew. Keep them dry and do not store them in plastic bags.
  • Craft supplies – Many craft items are paper or fabric based. A climate controlled unit is the best option for these sensitive items.
  • Antiques – This category covers a lot of different things. Whether you collect old furniture, Depression glass, or other antiques, a climate-controlled unit will keep them all safe.
  • Stuffed collectibles – Beanie Babies are just one example. Protecting them from extreme temperatures and high levels of humidity is important if you want to resell them.

Check with your self-storage facility to find out any restrictions on what you are allowed to store inside a unit.

As always, the staff at Planet Storage are happy to answer any questions you have. Drop in and speak with us anytime. We look forward to seeing you soon 🙂


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How To Store A Television


Someone came in today and asked about storing electronics…specifically storing their TV, and whether we had any tips to store it safely. I said “sure, here’s what you want to do…”

Climate-Controlled Unit

In order to properly store your television, you’ll need to rent a climate-controlled unit. Heat and humidity, as well as extreme cold, can wreak havoc on your TV’s electrical components and break your screen. The key is, when you store your TV, you want it to still be working and in one piece when you finally take it out.

Pack It Up

Like anything else, keeping your Plasma (or LED or LCD) protected comes from packing it properly. If you have the original packaging for your TV, simply place your TV in its box and add Styrofoam or packing peanuts as necessary.

If you didn’t keep your box, don’t worry. Find a fleece blanket, quilt, or comforter, and you can wrap the TV in the blanket and secure the padding with rope or packing tape. After you have secured the padding, place your TV in a slim, cardboard box that will stop your TV from moving. If you’re set on getting an old TV box, you can always go to an electronics store and ask, too.

Keep It Elevated and Upright

Another storage tip when it comes to storing your TV is to keep it elevated and standing up. Put your packaged TV on another sturdy piece of furniture in your unit (like a table or desk) to keep it from falling or getting kicked.

Invest in a Quality Lock

Self-storage is convenient and many places have individually alarmed units so they are very safe. But if you’re a nervous nelly about your valuable possessions being tampered with or stolen, investing in a quality lock is a sound investment.

So there you have it. If you follow these simple strategies to protect your TV in storage, it will be in perfect working order when you pull it out a few months later.

Until next time 🙂


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Four Considerations to Store Your Mattress

Before you put your mattress into self storage, here are some tips to help keep it safe and sound…

1. Clean Before You Store

As with any item you plan to store, thoroughly clean your mattress and box springs to ensure long-term storage success. Storing a dirty mattress will only put its quality at risk over time as residue and buildup settle in. As you clean, pay special attention to creases, in which dirt or dust can accumulate.

2. Protect with a Cover

Further help preserve your mattress’ existing condition with a cover for added protection. This is part of why it is incredibly important that you first clean your mattress. If dirt or other unclean elements remain, throwing a cover over them will only trap and push these items farther into your piece.

3. Choose Climate-Controlled

Mold, mildew and dust build-up—yuck! If you leave your mattress in the wrong climate, and you could be asking for trouble.

Select a climate-controlled storage location like Planet Storage to keep mattress materials protected from unintended residue buildup or adverse side effects. Keep the temperature and conditions similar to those of your home—not too warm and not too stuffy.

4. Maintain Form and Placement

A common misconception is that mattresses should be stored upright. Storing them on their side long-term, however, can dislodge and ruin the springs, coils and inner workings. Instead, keep your mattress flat and store as you would in your bedroom.

Also give it its own space! Do not pile boxes or other objects on top of the bed, which will also put unnecessary strain and wear on the springs over time.

So there you have it. Hope these tips are helpful. Until next time 🙂



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Non-Traditional Uses For Storage Units

Self storage isn’t just for keeping junk you can’t get rid of. There are a tonne of reason’s for using a self storage unit. Here are some examples of tenants who thought “outside the box” and converted their storage units into something completely new.

Office Space

office space

If you’ve ever worked from home before, you know that it can be difficult to buckle down and focus—especially if there are any kids or pets around. Renting an office space in a business park or corporate building can be expensive if it’s just for one person.

Depending on the facility, you may not be able to set up your full array of office furniture in your unit, but many storage facilities are helping professionals by allowing their tenants to set up at least a little bit of their office in a climate-controlled storage unit. And many wireless companies have alternative ways of offering high speed internet access (other than wifi), so processing purchases and keeping track of inventory can be a snap with your laptop and/or smart phone right there in your unit.

Band Practice


Being in a garage band is so lame when you could be in a storage band! Sure, it’ll stink having to pay rent, but if you’re in a busy metropolitan area, the rent at a storage facility will be far cheaper than the rent at a true practice hall or recording studio.

When you practice at a storage facility, there’s no time wasted on setup and take down—you just show up and rock out, then leave everything there when you’re done! And you won’t have your neighborhood screaming at you to shut down that racket.

Personal Gym

Storage Unit Workout

You know that bulky exercise equipment taking up all that space in your living room? Ever thought of putting it a climate-controlled storage unit to make your very own personal gym?

Think about it. Its a great way to free up that space in your home and if you had a few buddies go in with you on the storage unit rental, it would be way cheaper than having a gym membership.

Studio Space for Budding Artists


The “starving artists” of the world face the same problems as work-from-home professionals and garage bands—the creative juices won’t flow at home, and designated studios are too expensive.

Over the years, we have had many artists make use of our storage units as work spaces. Artists love it because they don’t typically keep 9-5 hours and because they have 24/7 access to their unit they come whenever the creative juices flow. Even its 3am.

Exclusive Art Gallery

Ok, ok, I know what you’re thinking. An art gallery? Really?

Look at it this way. If you have a climate controlled unit, you can set it up so that people can view your pieces. Then, you can have showings whenever your hearts content.

And as you sell more pieces, you can get larger storage units on your way to becoming a rich and famous artist.

See you soon 🙂


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Happy Canada Day!


Sometimes, I think we forget about how amazing this country is. We live in the second largest country in the world. A country that has majestic mountains and oceans. Virtually unlimited natural resources. Vast expanses of forest. Gorgeous, federally and provincially maintained parks. Weather that can be sometimes be almost unbearably cold in the winter and equally unbearably hot in the summer. A country that has so many fresh water rivers and lakes that they are almost uncountable.

This country is beautiful. Its filled with beautiful people, that have worked hard to make it the way it is. And we are lucky enough to call it home. We can literally travel just about anywhere in the world and people love us. We are home to some of the funniest comedians in the world, some of the best bands in the world, and some of the best food in the world. Our air is clean. Our cities are clean. Our medical care is available to everyone who lives here and we have Ketchup flavored chips!

I love Canada. I’m glad I was born here. And I’m proud to call it mine.

This Canada Day, all of us here at Planet Storage hope you celebrate this awesome country and have a fantastic long weekend (even though technically Canada Day is on Tuesday)!

See you soon 🙂



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Storage Unit Tip: Use Pallets


When it comes to storing your items, renting a climate-controlled unit isn’t always enough to protect your precious items from the elements. Weather can still wreck your things if you aren’t careful.

A popular option to improve the safety of your items is to elevate everything with the use of pallets. Pallets are easy to find. There are always some old ones laying around somewhere. And if you can’t find any for free, you can purchase new ones. Usually at your local home improvement store.

Elevation is Key

I know no one wants to talk about disaster, but in the unlikely and horrible case of a flash flood due to a heavy rainstorm or something of that nature, pallets are valuable because they keep your belongings off the ground.

Avoid Mold and Mildew

Not only can pallets protect your boxes and furniture from water damage, but a box stored on top of a pallet is also less likely to produce mold and/or mildew. This is because the box will have better air circulation and won’t be subjected to damp concrete, which can be tough on cardboard boxes.

The Right Type of Pallet

There are two common types of pallets that you will find: the block pallet and the stringer pallet.

The box pallet has a solid top, which can hold heavier loads than a stringer pallet, which features parallel slats across the frame. The stringer pallet is ideal for smaller boxes holding clothing and other valuables because it protects against dampness.

The Best Insurance You Can Buy

In addition to purchasing the insurance that is offered at your storage facility, its worth it to invest in another layer of insurance to protect your items by getting pallets. There will always be rainstorms, mold, mildew, and dust that can affect the items in your storage unit. The best thing about a pallet in your storage unit is that it can help protect your items against these dangers!

Pallets are a reliable and inexpensive way of keeping your things safe. And we all want to keep our things safe 🙂