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Elephant Car Wash

Here at Planet Storage we are always looking for creative ways to advertise our facility. Not only do we have, clean, state of the art, 24/7, storage units equipped with individual alarms, brightly lit hallways, and security camera’s at all the access points. But we also have gorgeous, loft style, studio offices that many local businesses have taken out long term leases on.

So in an effort to add to our mini community here, we came up with a great idea to entice prospective storage seekers and local business owners looking to relocate to our facility.

We thought we could rent some elephants and have a car wash in the courtyard!

Elephant Carwash

Ha ha. I wish! What a great idea. That would be so much fun. Unfortunately, elephants are a little hard to rent. But could you imagine?! Just a quick wash please, I have a meeting in 10 minutes…(insert the sound of an elephant trumpeting)…sprrraayyyyyyyyyy. Ok, you’re done sir.

Despite the brilliance of the elephant carwash suggestion, our crack research scientists have convinced us to stay with what we have done all along and that is – keep appreciating you, our loyal and much appreciated customers (and possible new customers) – with our giveaway’s and contests! Please drop into the Planet Storage office anytime to get a warm smile and enter for your chance to win. You might even get a free slice of pizza and a pop in the month of June. Just for coming to visit. We love you that much 🙂

Also, don’t forget, as part of the Planet Storage community, you have access to our boardroom which is available for rent at $75 for a half day and $150 for a full day. Have a wonderful weekend. And we will see you soon 🙂


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Give-Away’s and Happy Long Weekend


It’s the May long weekend – Victoria Day long weekend as it is officially named. Affectionately known as the May two-four weekend (even though it never falls on May 24th). And as we all know, Canadians love to celebrate this weekend as the unofficial start to our summer.

Here at Planet Storage, we love to celebrate too. We celebrate everything! Each month we have at least one give away of a $50 gift certificate. And we often have an additional give away to celebrate you! – our treasured clients and customers!

This month, we have a $50 gift certificate for Winners (all you have to do is enter your name in the draw) plus we also have another draw to win a super cool mountain bike. All you have to do is “like us” on Facebook: for your chance to win.

Next month in addition to our $50 gift certificate give away to Canadian Tire we will also have another draw that you can enter your name in to win a Father’s Day gift basket crammed with dude stuff that every father would love.

So come on in to the Planet Storage office and enter for your chance to win these exciting prizes.  Happy Victoria Day Weekend!!

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Storage Wars Canada!

“When storage units are abandoned, the treasures within are put up for auction”

Storage Wars Canada

By now, I’m sure you’ve heard that the popular American program “Storage Wars” is filming in Canada. They have graciously chosen our location to be the sight of one of their filming’s on Friday, May 10, 2013 and the show begins airing this August on the Outdoor Life Network (OLN).

Now if you’ve never heard of Storage Wars well, I need to fill you in, because you’re missing out on one of the most entertaining reality shows out there. The rules are simple. When a self storage unit has not been paid for, for a period of three months or more, it can be put up for public auction.

The auction works like this; potential bidders gather around units that are up for auction. They are opened for a period of about 5 minutes so the contents can be examined, but not touched or moved in any way. Then the auction begins…the object of course, is to outbid the other guys on the units that you think have buried treasures and hopefully turn a profit. What ensues is a wonderful carnage of victories and losses, treasures and junk, head games and the occasional clash between the bidders.

The coolest part about storage auctions is that you just never know what you’re going to get. The whole process is full of anticipation because while you might be able to see the vintage guitar, or an old stamp collection worth hundreds of dollars. The real excitement is about finding a box at the back buried under something that has a musket from the war of 1812 that winds up being worth thousands!

Planet Storage is no stranger to these auctions and their cool finds. We had an auction here last year where a bidder ended up going home with an old moped that I’m told was worth a fair bit of money and certainly worth way more than what he paid for the unit. And being close to the High Park area, and just a short drive from the Annex, one can only speculate of the hidden treasures inside the units at Planet.

So come one, come all, to the Planet Storage auction being filmed by Storage Wars Canada on Friday, May 10, 2013! You may walk away with some amazing treasures and you might just find yourself on TV!



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Hey Students! Planet Storage is a great place for you to store your belongings!

I know, I know, over the years you’ve accumulated things that you didn’t have when you first started going to school. Even if this was your first year, I KNOW for a fact that you’ve acquired something you didn’t own in September. This is the beginning my friend. It just continues forever from here.

So now that we’ve acknowledged that many of you have collected things that you now don’t have room for, either in your dorm room or the revolving door of apartments that you will occupy, or at your parents’ house. The question is where are you going to put it? Storing things at Mom and Dad’s house can be helpful for short periods of time, but you know if you leave your stuff there, at some point its going to be examined. Do your belongings deserve that kind of scrutiny or possible destruction? Do they deserve to be banished away in the attic? Or what if your parents simply cant take anymore and decide to refuse refuge to your acquired things. Gasp. You need storage my friend. Planet Storage!

Self Storage Is A Year-Round Solution For College Students

While self storage sounds like an expensive remedy, its actually not. Firstly, many self storage places offer discounts to students, and offer move-in specials, and specials for signing longer leases. Planet Storage offers all of these. Secondly, consider the cost of replacing those items you’ve acquired that are large or bulky. Furniture and other collectibles gathered throughout the course of a college career can add up quickly if it has to be constantly bought and bought again the following year. When students return home for the summer, these items have to be left in dorms or apartments, sold, given away, packed up and taken to wherever home is for the summer, and the list goes on. Planet Storage, and many other facilities, offer year-round climate controlled units that are great for storing furniture during summer break or in between dwellings. Self storages are also a wonderful way to save things that you might want to keep past college days.

Self Storage Is Great For Parents Too

Using self storage is also a great way for parents to store college-age kids’ belongings. My Parents were crazy. The minute I left for school, they turned my bedroom into an office. They moved all my stuff into storage until closer to the summertime. When I came home for the summer the office equipment was put into storage until I left again. Anyway, at least my stuff was cared for and protected while I was gone, and it gave my parents the ability to utilize the vacant space left behind. I’m glad they did it. It gave my Dad something to do so he wouldn’t drive my Mother bananas.

So Students (and Parents), make sure you keep those items you’ve acquired in a safe and accessible place. Come visit us at Planet Storage in the Junction. We’ll take care of you…and your things.

(Also, don’t forget, as part of the Planet Storage community, you have access to our boardroom. $75 for a half day, $150 for full).