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Boo! Happy Halloween!

halloween 2

How Halloween Goes When You’re 6

1. Step out onto porch in your awesome homemade costume.

2. See kid with better store-bought costume. Feel real hate for the first time.

3. Wait impatiently while your parents instruct your older sibling not to leave you behind.

4. Older sibling meets friends, leaves you behind.

5. Older sibling ignores your request to wait up. Hold a grudge that you forget about immediately because your older sibling is the coolest.

6. Old Mr. McCafferty takes forever to answer the door. While waiting, contemplate how everything is awesome forever.

7. McCafferty gives you sugar-free candy. Wonder why old people even exist.

8. Mask is suffocating, remove it to breathe. But hang onto the strap to make sure you don’t lose it.

9. Mask is gone. You have no idea how this happened. Consider crying and going home.

10. Buckle down soldier, you’ve still got a job to do.

11. Without mask, your costume has become ambiguous. You are now forced to explain what you’re supposed to be to every adult you meet along the way.

12. Get frustrated with explaining, cry until adult gives you bonus candy.

13. Discover valuable tantrum => reward system that could benefit you year-round

14. Holy crap! A giant hairy spider!

15. Thank God…it was only pipe cleaners…this time.



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Three Simple Ways We Simplify Storage For Our Customers


Searching for the right self storage place to store your things can feel overwhelming as you encounter the massive number of options available. And there are so many places to review and evaluate companies online that it make you feel like a “deer in headlights.”

Wouldn’t it be great if you could just find a definitive, trusted source that can help you make a savvy choice without going through all the rigmarole?

When it comes to self storage, Planet Storage is that place. We are a trusted adviser to our customers and we make it easy for them to make choices based on clear, concise, consistent information. We don’t load our customers up with endless qualifiers and legal doublespeak.  We keep things simple and make them complete at the same time.

Here’s how we do it:

1. Contracts and Legal Agreements
All the legal stuff that needs to be there, is there, but its not crafted in “legal-eeze.” It is written in a plain-speaking document that summarizes the agreement. We still recommend that people read everything, including the fine print, but for those who opt not to, we’ve provided an easy way to do business with us by having a straightforward summary.

2. Operations
We outline the high points about issues that typically concern tenants and prospects: security, environmental protection, access, payment processes etc. Our documents are easy to digest and explain what we do and what the tenant can (and can’t) do.

3. Technology
Our facility is 24/7 access to our customers and requires a coded swipe card to gain access to the premises. To gain access to the building, you must swipe that card again, which then also deactivates the alarm on your personal storage unit. Our hallways are brightly lit and the facility is kept very clean and there are multiple security camera’s strategically placed at every access point as well as multiple points within the building.

We’ve made it easy to find us both in the real world and on online – whether surfing on a smartphone, calling for more information or just wanting to complete a transaction right away, we want you to be satisfied with our level of effort to help make the process of storing your things as easy as possible.

Come discover why online reviews consistently ranked us among the top 3 storage facilities in Toronto!

See you soon 🙂

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Breaking Bad Storage Questions Answered…

Hey there,

For those of us who have been hooked on the AMC hit series Breaking Bad for the last 6 years, you will love this – I thought it was brilliant!

A  company in the U.S. named Sparefoot Storage Finder had this listed on their blog. I felt the need to repost this and of course give them credit. Kudos to whoever put this together at


What are you hiding in your storage unit?

Feel free to comment 🙂

As always Planet Storage is available to help you with all of your storage needs. Pop into our office and speak with our storage professionals. We will be happy to help you out.

We look forward to seeing you soon!


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These Boxes Are Plotting Something…


Maybe I’ve been surrounded by boxes and packing supplies too long or maybe I’m just suspicious of things, but it looks like these boxes are diabolically planning something…or maybe they are just eagerly awaiting our Thanksgiving weekend.

This Sunday our office will be closing at 3pm. And many of us will join millions of Canadians and gather together with our families and other loved ones and fill our bellies with turkey, mashed potatoes, various vegetables and pumpkin pie with whip cream. And then we will roll ourselves home and blissfully fall into our turkey slumber. To which we will be eternally thankful that we also have the holiday Monday off. Phew!

We celebrate the Thanksgiving Holiday because we are thankful. We are thankful for our families and our friends (even though some of them drive us crazy). And we are thankful for this incredible country that we live in, which by the way, many people sacrificed much and worked very hard to make as great as it is! We are thankful for the homes we live in, the jobs that help us pay for the things we need (and want) and for our health. We have so much to be thankful for that we simply cannot list them all in this blog.

This holiday weekend, eat, drink and be merry. Take time to relax, enjoy the people you love, and be thankful for everything that we have. (And then come store your things at Planet Storage).

Happy Thanksgiving 🙂

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World Records – Bizarre Collections

I suppose everyone has collected something at some point in their life. For instance, when I was in my younger days, I used to collect tickets stubs from concerts, and sporting events, especially if they were still fully intact and not torn by the ticket taker. At some point, I think I lost interest in collecting these things because a girl I liked raised an eyebrow at my collection, as if to suggest that it was weird. I didn’t think it was weird but I eventually abandoned it anyway.

I found a list of world records that somehow just makes me feel so normal all of a sudden…they are some pretty weird collections. Want to know how your collections measure up? Check these out…

1. Navel Fluff – Australian, Graham Barker has been collecting his own belly button lint since 1984, categorizing it by years in 4 jars. It all started when he wanted to find out how much fluff a person produces and how much it would take to fill a cushion. Barker plans to continue growing his collection, the largest in the world, until he’s no longer physically able to collect his own fluff.

2. Beer Steins – In Germany, farmer, Heinrich Kath, has the world’s largest collection of beer steins. Even though he doesn’t drink beer, Kath has over 20,000 steins since he started collecting in 1997.

3. Rubber Ducks – Valli Hammer has a collection of over 2,400 rubber ducks and no two look alike. She started collecting when she stumbled upon a few rubber ducks that belonged to her son, and from there her collection grew quickly.

4. Joker Playing Cards – The world’s largest collection of Joker playing cards belongs to Italian, Donato De Santis. After inheriting 2,000 cards from magician Fernando Riccardi, his collection has grown to over 8,500 jokers.

5. Airplane Sick Bags – Strange as it may seem, unique airsickness bags printed by different airlines have become highly sought-after collectors’ items in the age of the Internet and eBay. Holland’s Niek Vermeulen holds the Guinness World Record for the largest collection, consisting of 5,468 different ones representing over a thousand different airlines. He uses photograph albums for storage.

6. Toothpaste – Dentist, Val Kolpakov, toothpaste is not something to be overlooked lightly. The American first learned about another toothpaste collector online in 2002 and was intrigued. Kalpakov started asking friends abroad to send him tubes of toothpaste from their respective countries and then scoured eBay. To date, Kolpakov has around 1,800 tubes of toothpaste and tooth powder, some donated by visitors to his website. He achieved his ultimate goal in 2010, being named Guinness Book of World Records holder for the largest toothpaste collection.

7. Celebrity Hair – If celebrity signatures and pictures aren’t good enough for you, what are you to do? John Reznikoff decided to start collecting celebrity hair instead. His collection includes celebrities who’ve been dead for many years already with Albert Einstein and Marilyn Monroe, as well as Edgar Allan Poe, and Abraham Lincoln. His collection is a part of Guinness Book World Records for being the largest and also the most valuable hair collection to date.

8. Banana Labels – To some banana labels are nothing but garbage, but to America Becky Martz, they’re special. Her collection of banana labels boasts over 10,000 labels She first became interested in banana stickers when she noticed an amusing one that read, “The Perfect Stocking Stuffer,” on a Chiquita banana. Since that incident around 1991, Martz has avidly been collecting banana labels from brands around the world.

So there you have it. Some strange collections from around the world.

Do you have a strange collection? If you do, please tell us about it. And if you have reached the point where your collection, strange or not, is encroaching on your personal space, then come visit Planet Storage!

We can help you store your collectibles and clear up that space around your home for you to enjoy!